Monday, December 20, 2010

Dora the Explorer at the Johannesburg Zoo

Dora the Explorer seems to have taken children's worlds by storm.  If my two year old sees anything Dora in a shop, she reckons it is hers!
When we heard that Dora and Boots were having a birthday fiesta at the Johannesburg Zoo, there was just no way of getting out of going to see them.

The first show of the day was only at 17h30.  We decided to make the day a family outing.  We arrived just before two in the afternoon and did some exploring of our own.  The zoo is enormous, and we were glad we took the baby pram along to give a break to tiring children's legs.

At five we took a brake for some ice cream and watched while the gazebo's were being put up.

Ooh, the kids' faces when Dora eventually made her appearance on stage!

They danced and sang and had a wonderful time.

The half an hour was over too soon.  We took another stroll to see the Christmas lights which had been switched on in the mean time.  My youngest kept on asking when Dora would "come out again" and yip, we walked back to see the show for the second time.

By then the sun had set and we went to the tree of light.

What a wonderful day!  I am so grateful for my family and loved ones, especially this time of year.

Love much!


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